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MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change


This is a book of hope for those in career transition.  Are you recently laid off…in a dead-end, boring job…retired and need a new job?   Whether you want to move your career a little or a lot, the stories demonstrate real people who faced career crises.

You will find 20 stories about real people with personal and professional issues to solve simultaneously.  Their names have been changed to assure anonymity.  The individuals range in age from 28 to 68 with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

No longer are career ladders apparent.  You may need to move your career Up, Down or Sideways to find MORE than a Paycheck .  Regardless of family, personal and health issues, the people in the stories will motivate you to move your career.  If they did it, so can you! 

MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Transition resonates with hope in finding new meaning for your career.  Let’s meet a few of these “hope producing” characters:

Abby the artist

Abby always knew she loved art but started her career in corporate America.  After several layoffs, she established her own business doing murals for residential and commercial properties.  She had to step back to move forward, but with a few key people and belief in herself, she became well known and successful.



How about Bart
Bart is an introvert with an insane ability to prepare for the worst.  Although he sees black clouds looming, his practical attitude takes charge of the situation to move his career forward.  Despite a daughter with cancer, many layoffs and career challenges, he acquired his MBA and convinced employers to give him a chance.



Tom needs Testing
Tom flew airplanes all his life, but soon after he took a retirement package, his checks suddenly stopped arriving.  People around him gave him advice and support to move into a new career, but he needed a structured program to assist him to the next phase in his career to earn more than a paycheck.