MORE THAN A PAYCHECK:  Inspiration and Tools for Career Change

Table of Contents

Introduction–Kick Start Your Career Change

Part 1 People–Mentors and Incidents
Chapter 1 Can-Do Carl:  Training to Sales to Marketing to Publishing
Chapter 2 Eve the Educator:  Teacher to Educational Consultant
Chapter 3 Evolving Ed:  Staying Power in Technology
Chapter 4 Marilyn’s Mommy Track:  Mom to Attorney
Chapter 5 Passionate Patty:  Customer Service to Retail
Chapter 6 Patchwork Pam:  Flight Attendant to Code Inspector
Chapter 7 Soft-hearted Sophie:  Accountant to Recruiter
Part 2 Power–Believing in a Higher Power
Chapter 8 Florence the Follower:  HR to Conference Planning
Chapter 9 Mike’s Mission:  Telecommunications to Minister and Back
Chapter 10 Srini’s Success:  Professor to Entrepreneur to Author
Chapter 11 Sue the Survivor:  Physical Therapist to Volunteer Coordinator
Part 3 Persistence–Believing in Yourself
Chapter 12 Abby the Artist:  Project Manger to Artist
Chapter 13 Atul’s Achievement:  Student to Engineer
Chapter 14 Bart and his Black Clouds:  Business Analyst to Financial Analyst
Chapter 15 Determined Dan:  Accountant to CFO
Chapter 16 Hannah the Helper:  Real Estate VP to Non-profits
Chapter 17 Nancy the Nurse:  Technical Writer to Nurse
Chapter 18 Nellie of Necessity:  Nurse to Welder to Quilting
Chapter 19 Resume Ruth:  Counselor to Entrepreneur
Chapter 20 Traditional Tom:  Pilot to Trainer
Part 4 Transition Tools
Chapter 21 Most Important Factors
Chapter 22 Tool Kit
  Assessment–Focus on the Future
  Resume Preparation–Promote Your Talent
  Marketing–Target Your Efforts
  Networking –Target Real People
  Interviewing–Nail the Target
  Negotiation–Look at the Package
  References–Prepare Your Pals!
Chapter 23 Summary–What We Learned